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Gradle: Building & Deploying in a Polyglot World

Monday, 19th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by ACCU London in October 2015


Gradle: Building & Deploying in a Polyglot World

Yet Gradle is far more than that. It presents a next generation of build tooling, suitable for use in a polyglot, non-JVM world. In this session we'll be looking at:

  • Introduction to Gradle for non-Groovy Geeks
  • Breaking into the next generation of build tools
  • Gradle in a polyglot world
  • Usage of Gradle for deployment, Devops, and documentation

Schalk Cronjé

Schalk Cronjé is a freelance product-delivery coach, technology consultant and trainer. His A-skill profile means he works with organisations at both business and technical levels. He keeps technically fit by participating in a variety of open-source projects. He is the maintainer of Groovy-VFS and also maintains or contributes to a number of Gradle plugins including Asciidoctor, GradleTest and JRuby.

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