Meet up

LRUG - Festive CodeWarsJam

Monday, 14th December at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in December 2015


LRUG - Festive CodeWarsJam

A code jam is a session where small teams of coders work on the same coding problem together.

The problems are usually relatively simple and can be reviewed as a group every 20 minutes or so. Recently at MakersAcademy we've had great fun with CodeWarsJams, where we take coding kata from http://codewars.com and use them to run a codejam. CodeWars is great because when you solve a problem you get to see all the other variant solutions that others have coded, sorted by popularity. Come join the festive coding fun as LRUG's first CodeWarsJam!

Sam Joseph

Sam Joseph is "AI Paladin" at Makers Academy and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Hawaii Pacific University. He also runs the online pairing charity site Agile Ventures, and has a background in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering.

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