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Machine Learning & Apache Spark Introduction & Case Study

Tuesday, 17th November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in November 2015


Machine Learning & Apache Spark - Introduction and case study

This event will cover the different aspects and technologies that connect the pieces to make a complete system and how to build one that ingests streams of data from multiple devices, performing the most appropriate processing in each stage.

You do not need to be an expert in any of the technologies used: at the end of this talk you will walk away with a good understanding of the challenges of implementing similar systems.

We'll be live streaming!

If you like to come along to this event, please register above. If you won't be able to make it to Skills Matter CodeNode, and would like to join remotely: We'll be live streaming this event so you can watch it from your desk. If you like that, you can sign up for IBM's live streaming session here.

Wendy Devolder

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Jan Machacek will talk about the Muvr exercise analysis project

Jan will cover:

  • Muvr exercise analysis project:

    • the code that runs on the wearables
    • the signal processing, sensor data fusion and classification on the mobile
    • the server-side code that ingests the classified data
    • Spark code that performs deeper analysis and learning
  • Data that the team has collected (under the sweat of the brow in the gym), and the insights one might make from the data

  • Outline the experimental & research areas that the Muvr team wants to cover in the near future—for example physiotherapy, injury prevention & detection

Jan Machacek

Jan Machacek is a passionate technologist with hands-on experience of the practical aspects of software delivery (architecture, quality, CI, CD), the project management approaches (applying the principles of agile project management), and mentoring and motivating engineering & business teams.

Spark and IBM SystemML

Nikolay will cover:

  • IBM’s commitment to Spark and how IBM is working with the community to enhance Spark

  • IBM SystemML – a breakthrough technology aimed to advance machine learning at the core of the Apache Spark project

  • Common problems encountered by data scientists when they roll out machine learning algorithms into production

  • How SystemML can transparently contribute to shorter development times and increased algorithm performance

Nikolay Manchev

Nikolay has over 10 years of database experience and has been involved in large scale migration, consolidation, and data warehouse deployment projects in the UK and abroad. He is a speaker, blogger, author of numerous articles and a book on advanced database topics. For the last three years Nikolay has been working exclusively in the big data (Hadoop) space with focus on Spark and machine learning. He has an M.Sc. in Software Technologies and is working towards an M.Sc. in Data Science.

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