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Reactive Programming with Milo.JS

Tuesday, 19th January in London

This meetup was organised by Front Endgineers London in January 2016


Reactive Programming

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In a single page application we usually have data models and we have to observe changes in these models. We also need to propagate data through the different parts of the application and to update views when the data changes. There are quite a few frameworks that allow this on a basic level, but as the complexity of the application grows, the controller code becomes bloated with callbacks and glue code transferring data between models. With Milo framework it takes just a few lines of code to create a reactive data graph capable of propagating, transforming and validating data between models and views of any depth. In this talk we will explain the concepts and building blocks that make it possible, such as observable models, "DOM as data" and two-way data connectors. We will also build a simple app and show how data-graph can be used in large-scale application architecture.

Evgeny Poberezkin

Evgeny is the CTO at Threads Styling that pioneers luxury shopping experience via social media and chats. Previously he founded and worked in publishing, communications, financial services and software businesses. Evgeny created the JavaScript JSON-Schema validator Ajv.

Jason Green

Jason’s passion for the digital world has taken him across the entire spectrum of the creative process, from conceptualisation to implementation. Jason is now a Principal Developer at Threads Styling, building the system to manage social content that will power the future of chat commerce. While Jason is engaged in all stages of the development of this mission-critical application, he also finds time to get his colleagues playing the odd board game at lunch too.

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