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Django London - December Meetup

Monday, 14th December in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in December 2015


It's the holiday season, and what better way to relax as the year comes to a close than to go to another Django meetup?

Django on AWS

AWS is the biggest cloud provider out there, and thus many Django projects are deployed there. This will be a quick recap of all the services and options on AWS, how they're analogues elsewhere, and how you can integrate them with your Django project.

Adam Johnson

Django contributor and maintainer of other open source packages, Adam has been working with Django since 2012.

A Tour of Wagtail

Wagtail is an app that can turn your Django site into a fully featured CMS. This talk will be a brief tour and a retrospective on a recent project that used Wagtail.

SpaceBar from 8pm

Our venue, Code Node, will have a brilliant new bar open serving both soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as snacks. We're going to hang out there, and maybe bump into people from other meetups happening at the same time. Some of them will even be RUBY programmers!

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