Meet up

LRUG January 2016 meeting

Monday, 11th January at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in January 2016


Using direnv with ruby and 12factor apps

Direnv is a language-agnostic environment switching tool that I wrote a 5 years ago and still use every day.

Jonas Chevalier

Jonas Chevalier is a DevOps and Nix consultant in London!

A guide to becoming a ruby on rails developer

Jake Prime

Jake started working as a web generalist in 2002 before specialising in Flash over the following decade. He was lead developer at digital advertising agencies Dare Digital and Skive, where he headed up the team of six, building online casual games, interactive experiences, and (there's no point denying it now) Flash microsites and banners. He is now CTO and developer at Team Prime where he is building their new careers service, Primed. - improving recruitment pain

Neil Robertson

Researcher for Team Prime and Product person for Having worked in recruitment for a few years, I am hugely frustrated by the poor practices, inefficiencies and general time wasting in recruitment so I'm thrilled to be part of a project that is addressing these issues. Used to be a Lawyer and then became a Recruiter - I must like being disliked! Enjoying (trying) to learn code in my spare time and (occasionally) doing stand-up comedy. Love Tory bashing.

From monolith to microservices: A true story

Andy White

Andy White is a passionate developer come podcast presenter and producer who loves talking in front of huge audiences. His first love is programming - currently using Ruby and Ruby on Rails as well as a little PHP. To get out more he also trains and coaches individuals and businesses on how to make their own podcasts. In addition to this he’s an armchair naturalist, armchair astronomer, inventor and closet introvert. His business is Wire World Media, which he runs from Brighton with a dedicated core team of professionals and specialist partners. He lives by the sea in Brighton, UK.

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