Meet up

LRUG February 2016 Lightning Talks Meeting

Monday, 8th February at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in February 2016


Psychology of programming: A very short introduction

Tom Cartwright

Superlative! Dangling modifier. Also Lead Dev @ Keepmebooked


Dave Nolan

Dave Nolan is the CTO at Appear Here, the online marketplace for commercial lettings. Dave loved Ruby for a long time but also likes to muck about with JS, Nim, Picat, and he is interested in continuous delivery, learning organisations, performance, exploring London.

Building with domain concepts

Peter Saxton

Currently building rich web applications at my company Workshop 14. Previously started a PhD developing components for quantum computers. Left because the real world has a much faster feedback loop. Enjoys working with Ruby, Elixir and JavaScript. p.s. also erlang, Typescript, Python, Haskell, Ocaml, Kotlin, labview, D and scala. Will take any opportunity to get immersed in the Great Outdoors.

Imposter Syndrome: How we act and work together

Melinda Seckington

Melinda Seckington is a developer, blogger and event organizer. She is currently a developer at FutureLearn, a social learning platform offering free courses from top universities. Melinda is interested in interested in solving complex problems with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Making your first pull request

Charlotte Spencer

Charlotte Spencer does code and people things for Marks and Spencer. Their goal is to make the web a more accessible place for everyone in terms of both technology and culture, and works extensively in open source for projects like Hoodie and Your First PR to achieve this. To summarise them in three words: pizza, bed, emoji.

Automatic differentiation in Ruby

Tom Stuart

Tom is a computer scientist and programmer. He has lectured on optimising compilers at the University of Cambridge, co-organises the Ruby Manor conference, and is a member of the London Ruby User Group.

Web Developer Life Hacks

Tomas Valent

Full Stack Web Developer specializing in Ruby lang. related technologies.

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