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London Ajax March Meetup

Monday, 14th March in London

This meetup was organised by London HalfStack in March 2016


In this meetup we will have two talks on Cross browser unit testing with BrowserStack and An in-depth introduction to Dojo 2.

Cross browser unit testing with BrowserStack

As web developers one of our biggest challenges is to ensure our sites work as we expect across multiple browsers. This talk will explore how we can use BrowserStack to write tests that test our code across the browsers we support. Bring your phones and makes sure you connect to the wifi as the talk will have some small interactions.

Jonathan Fielding

Jonathan Fielding is a web developer that works in the marketing industry developing websites for clients like Virgin Active, Vodafone, Sony and BT.

An in-depth introduction to Dojo 2

This talk will look at the current progress of Dojo 2, the roadmap, and some of the interesting development concepts in use. It will be an interesting discussion around architecture, modern best practices, and more!

Kitson Kelly

Kitson is CTO at SitePen and the project lead for Dojo 2. He has been working with JavaScript for over 7 years and TypeScript for over 2.

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