Meet up

A History and Evaluation of System R

Wednesday, 20th January at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Papers We Love in January 2016


A History and Evaluation of System R


Chamberlin, Astrahan, Blagsen, Gray, King, Lindsay, Lorie, Mehl, Price, Putzolo, Selinger, Schkolnick, Slutz, Traiger, Wade, Yost

Relational Database technology is one of the largest successes of computology over the past 46 years. Most useful non-blob data written to disk is probably in an RDBMS somewhere. But in 1970, all relational meant was "somebody had written a weird paper". System R was the research project that took that paper and made it of huge practical importance. On the way, the team discovered dozens of new research areas, techniques for database implementation, and ultimately made relational databases into the success they are today. Thousands of papers, and billions of dollars of investment are based off this one project, done by a team of 15 people. Many of the techniques invented are now taken for granted, just "normal" for line-of-business programmers.

Tom Crayford

Tom Crayford is the creator of Yeller, an all Clojure tool for debugging exceptions in your production app. He likes fast things.

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