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Infracoders London Meetup

Wednesday, 16th March in London

This meetup was organised by Infracoders London in March 2016


In this meetup we will have two talks from Matthew Mead-Briggs on DevOps for Slackers and David Winter on Terraform to build infrastructure in AWS.

DevOps for Slackers: deploying code with a chat bot

Matthew Mead-Briggs from Automation Logic will be speaking about ChatOps. In this talk he'll show you some basic examples for deploying a web app on to a Kubernetes cluster by chatting with a bot on Slack. Chatting with your infrastructure might seem strange at first but its easy to see the benefits. A timeline of who's deploying what and deployments that are so easy anyone can trigger them.

Terraform to build infrastructure in AWS

David Winter from Made Tech will be talking about using Terraform to build a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

David will show us how Made are using Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins to deploy their client's applications to AWS with Continuous Delivery. This setup is allowing Made to get new applications up and running in production with just a few commands.

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