Thursday, 17th March at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Software Craftsmanship Community in March 2016


Tools: Conscious Craftsman’s Picks

Alla Babkina

Having studied economics and finance, received a legal qualification and worked for 5 years in banking Alla switched to software development to learn how to write software to solve business problems and make business dreams come true and never came back. Balancing highest business value, team’s interest and best technical practice has been her main interest ever since. When done right software development is a dream industry where added value, fun and groundbreaking achievements are an everyday reality, or so she believes.

Improving my functional programming step by step

Recently, I wrote two solutions to a permutations puzzle using Haskell. My first solution worked but didn’t scale, while the second does. I’m interested to hear if this reflects something about my problem-solving methods (in both imperative and functional languages), and what kind of approaches the audience prefers.

Jon Kelly

Jon Kelly is an experienced programmer who codes in Javascript (e.g. Nodejs & Angular), C++ and C# (mostly .Net), but not always on the same projects! Having built trading systems from a cupboard used for storing curtains, nowadays he is working on a mix of applications for start-ups and international projects.

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