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March Meetup on Kubernetes, Django and Paperless

Tuesday, 15th March in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in March 2016


At this month's meetup, Harish Narayanan will give a brief introduction to Kubernetes and how it can help you deploy your Django application in a scalable and resilient fashion. After this, Charalampos Papaloizou will be talking what he learned while building and migrating Omnifolio, how he setup the infrastructure and important mistakes to avoid in the future. The final talk will feature Daniel Quinn, who will give an intro to Paperless, an app he wrote to to help deal with the antiquated process of archiving probably-useless-but-just-maybe- useful documents using a simple documents scanner, Django, and a bunch of other handy utilities.

A brief introduction to Kubernetes

Harish Narayanan

Harish Narayanan is an applied mathematician who loves learning about and building interesting web applications He shares what he learns through is writing and open source projects. He’s currently one of the founders and the CTO at Edgefolio, a startup building creative solutions for different stakeholders in the hedge fund industry. Previously, he was an applied mathematician and computational biologist studying a range of problems in biophysics.

What we learned from building Omnifolio with Django

Charalampos Papaloizou

Charalampos is a Django developer and software engineer. He loves Python, JavaScript and developing 2d games.

Intro to Paperless

Daniel Quinn

Daniel is a Canadian expat living in London now for only a few months. He formerly worked with the RIPE NCC building Free software tools for the Atlas project, but currently contracts for the UK government with Trade & Investment. He likes Oreos and cheesecake, and oreo cheesecake especially.

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