Meet up

London Ruby User Group March 2016 Meeting

Monday, 14th March at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in March 2016


A reintroduction to codebar

Kimberley Cook

I am a creative technologist at Shortlist/Stylist magazine, currently dealing into the world of React Native.

The full power of Redis

Daniel Magliola

Daniel Magliola has been writing code since he was 7 years old, professionally since 16, and through those years has dabbled in multiple technologies. These days you'll find him trying to extract every last bit of performance out of Ruby on Rails applications.

Elixir for Rubyists

This presentation gives an introduction to Elixir, discussing some of the things that make it so popular among rubyists, and outlining a few of the similarities and differences between Elixir and Ruby.

David Salgado

David has been a developer, technical architect, CTO and startup co-founder for lots of years. Currently he is working at the Ministry of Justice as a Technical Architect.

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