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February London React User Group

Monday, 29th February in London

This meetup was organised by React London in February 2016


2 for the price 1: building multi platform components at an enterprise level

React is obviously built with components in mind, but for our latest project at Sky we had to take things a step further than usual. Our team is responsible for releasing an SDK of components that other clients across Sky can use. These clients look completely different, use different languages and can be other platforms like Smart TV apps. Because all of our components need to remain agnostic of framework, language and styles we had to do a lot of thinking on exactly how we can achieve this; what props components should receive, what logic should they contain and even what elements should be used in markup.

This talk will cover a timeline of our journey and decisions made to take us from a single website to creating an SDK that can be used across an entire organisation on web and Smart TV apps, along with how we're using another SDK to share Redux code across our web and Smart TV apps to maintain consistent actions etc. while allowing apps to function in completely different ways.

Christopher Cook

Software Engineer at Sky

Designing React Components

At Red Badger we love React and use it on most of our projects. This is an unusual talk on React, which focuses on the workflow of building React components and how it led to a shared understanding and better collaboration in a cross disciplinary team.

Monika Koziol

Digital Designer at Red Badger.

Using Redux Everyday

Redux has no doubt captured the hearts of the React community but many questions still remain - how do we actually structure Redux applications effectively? This talk explores the real world experiences of using Redux everyday within a rapidly scaling team and product.

Chris Pearce

Software Engineer at Lystable.

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