Meet up

Closing the feedback loop with Apache Isis

Wednesday, 1st June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Domain Driven Design London in June 2016


Closing the feedback loop with Apache Isis

In this talk Dan will be closing the feedback loop through live coding, showing how Apache Isis can be used to effectively and efficiently develop both line-of-business enterprise apps, and RESTful backends for mobile/microservices. To make it more fun, you (the audience) can decide the domain. He’ll try not to cheat too much.

Dan Haywood

Dan is a freelance consultant, developer, writer and trainer, specializing in domain-driven design, agile development, enterprise architecture and also REST, on the Java and .NET platforms. Dan is known as an advocate of the naked objects pattern, and is the lead committer to Apache Isis, a Java framework that implements the naked objects pattern. He also works for several clients on enterprise and mobile apps, built on top of or leveraging Apache Isis.

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