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In The Brain of Harry Percival

Monday, 4th April at CodeNode, London

This meetup is run by Skills Matter In The Brain. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Outside-In TDD: an intermediate testing workshop with Python, with Harry Percival

Are you interested in TDD and Python? Join us for this In The Brain of Harry Percival to know the difference between a good test and a bad one!

You've started doing TDD and testing in Python, you've got the basics of unit testing and mocks, but you're starting to wonder about what makes a good test vs a bad test, how "purist" you should be about your testing, when you should mock and when you should avoid it, and how to fit low-level unit tests with higher-level end-to-end / functional / integration tests. This workshop will used a worked example to work through some of these issues.

Harry Percival

After an idyllic childhood spent playing with BASIC on French 8-bit computers like the Thomson T-07 whose keys go "boop" when you press them, Harry spent a few years being deeply unhappy with Economics and management consultancy. Soon he rediscovered his true geek nature, and was lucky enough to fall in with a bunch of XP fanatics, working on the pioneering but sadly defunct Resolver One spreadsheet. He now works at PythonAnywhere LLP, and spreads the gospel of TDD world-wide at talks, workshops and conferences, with all the passion and enthusiasm of a recent convert.

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