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London Django April Meetup

Tuesday, 12th April in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in April 2016


We will kick off this meetup with an intro to Djangocon followed by talks on Time Zones in Django and Desktop apps with Django.

Introduction and Djangocon EU summary

Your host for the evening, Adam will cover the introductions and then give a summary of what happened at Djangocon EU at the start of the month, with references to some of the more interesting talks there.

Adam Johnson

Django contributor and maintainer of other open source packages, Adam has been working with Django since 2012.

It's About Time: Getting to Grips with Timezones in Django

Timezones can be confusing and annoying if you need to support them in a project. David will run us through the tools Django provides for working with them.

David Seddon

David is a developer at Octopus Energy, and the maintainer of Layer Linter. He loves clean architecture and code that people can understand. He blogs at

Django Desktop Applications

It's not a normal use case, but Django applications can be deployed on the desktop! Alex will cover a project he worked on that did this.

Alex Damian

Alex Damian is a senior software engineer specialized in designing, developing and productising Internet scale web applications. Currently at YPlan, he previously worked for technology giants Intel, Adobe and the games company Gameloft. Among his other interests, mobile and embedded systems development play an important role.

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