Meet up

How Django knows who you are and How (and how not) to scale with Django

Tuesday, 14th June in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in June 2016


In this meetup we have two very interesting talks on Django: How Django knows who you are by Stephanos Papanikolopoulos and How (and how not) to scale with Django by Malcolm Box

How (and how not) to scale with Django

In this talk Malcolm will share Tips and tricks for scaling Django - and what to avoid - based on Malcolm's experience building the systems used for the biggest TV shows on TV.

Malcolm Box

Malcolm is the CTO and co-founder of Tellybug, a London startup focused on making TV more entertaining, social and interactive. He's responsible for the development of apps and server systems to support TV audiences for some of the mo

How Django knows who you are

A gentle introduction to different ways that can be used to authenticate a user in django.

Stephanos Papanikolopoulos

A former number theorist working in a betting exchange.

The ORM: Don't Ask the DB

Dive in to common issues people face when their database cause application slow downs. Be aware of what you do, and how your tools actually work.

Anthony King

Anthony is a 4 year Django developer, born for the community. When presented with something new, he loves hacking it out!

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