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London Django August Meetup

Tuesday, 9th August in London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in August 2016


Are you interested in secure file sharing through Korra, Pycharm features for Django development or testing Django projects with tox ? Join this meetup for talks by Daniel Quinn, Antonio Martin and Jeremy Taylor to learn more!

Sharing Files Securely with Korra

Back when he worked for the government, Daniel was struck by the fact that even an elaborate institution like his employer had no safe means of transferring files. Instead, would-be secure documents were emailed from person to person, unencrypted, across public networks because there was no viable alternative for those involved.

This gave rise to a quick & dirty way to make file sharing safer whilst still not requiring non-technical users to understand or install complex software. Korra is a simple Django-based web service that employs symmetric encryption and makes sharing files securely easy for everyone.

Daniel Quinn

Daniel is a Canadian expat living in London now for only a few months. He formerly worked with the RIPE NCC building Free software tools for the Atlas project, but currently contracts for the UK government with Trade & Investment. He likes Oreos and cheesecake, and oreo cheesecake especially.


A walkthrough of the PyCharm features that aid in Django development.

Antonio Martin

Antonio is a biochemist, specialised in human genetics and computational biology. Currently working as bioinformatician at Genomics England, where he develops solutions for common genomics problems related to data storage, data curation and data analysis. Antonio speaks English, Python, Spanish, R and Java.

A quick introduction to unit testing Django projects with tox

In this talk Jeremy will discuss how and why you should use tox instead of to run Django unit tests like all the cool kids.

Jeremy Taylor

Jerry trained to be an Electronic Engineer thirty years ago but soon found programming was both easier and better paid. He is currently the Head of Engineering at Growth Street where he manages the team building the next generation of business banking alternative products. His career has included seven years at J P Morgan building high-frequency low-latency trading and risk systems, eight years at Reuters building real-time systems, IBM in Germany, Disney International and more recently finTech startups iwoca and Growth Street.

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