Meet up

Creating Mobile Banking Apps and Being a Part of the Android Community

Tuesday, 22nd November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Londroid: The London Android User Group in November 2016


Building a Modern Mobile Banking App

Emma Guy

Emma is an Android Engineer at Monzo Bank. She is fond of all things tech, cheese and cake. Except cheesecake.

Ivan Carbello

Ivan is an enthusiastic Android developer who has been building Android apps for over five years. Frustrated with traditional banking apps, he has recently joined the Monzo Android team to help create a modern banking experience that people love.

Be together, not the same

​Sometimes developers are too shy to share their code or their findings. They see some opinionated big names in the community arguing on tech choices or best practices and they might be too scared to step in with their work.

​This talk provides a short walk through the past few years to highlight how the developer community has evolved. Then we will see what the definition of a community is, what keeps people connected, and how this applies in the Android community. Finally we will see how you can contribute to make the culture more fair and supportive, and make everyone feel more part of the community.

Anastasia López

Anastasia Lopez is a very passionate Software Engineer, working @ Memrise as an Android developer. She like cupcakes, chocolate, and all types of sweets, which is probably what led her to the Android world.

Romain Piel

Romain is a passionate Android developer who has been building apps since Android Froyo. He is currently working for Songkick as a happy Android developer. In the past he worked for Microsoft as well as building useless/fun apps with GIFs and animations.

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