Tuesday, 25th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Linuxing In London in October 2016


How I entered a £5000 design challenge by accident

Andy Clark

After an apprenticeship at Dowty Aerospace, Andy completed an electronics degree at Imperial college and got a job in IT. For the last7 years he has been making and repairing in a shed at the bottom of the garden. Andy’s latest project was in response to a competition hosted by Qualcomm who picked Andy as their developer of the month for August.

The road to Raspberry Pi on Fedora

Peter Robinson

Peter has been in IT and Linux for 20 years, eight years in Australia and twelve in London.

Using Gource to visualize Linux kernel data

dawn foster

After spending the past 20 years working in various developer relations, open source and community roles, Dawn is currently taking a break from work to pursue a PhD at the University of Greenwich where she is analyzing collaboration and competition within the Linux kernel community.

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