Meet up

"The Rendering Equation" by James Kajiya

Wednesday, 25th May in London

This meetup was organised by Papers We Love in May 2016


"The Rendering Equation" by James Kajiya papers-we-love

In this meetup Gareth Morgan will be presenting on The Rendering Equation. This paper is one of the most important 3D graphics papers in the subject's history. The rendering equation put forth by James Kajiya is the foundation of many of the rendering techniques used in modern graphics. Anytime a computer generates physically accurate image it is actually attempting to solve the rendering equation.

Here's the link for The Rendering Equation Paper.

Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan has been involved in games and 3D graphics since 1999, starting at Silicon Graphics followed by several games companies. He spent eight years at Imagination Technologies researching sophisticated GPU rendering techniques using their ray tracing technology. Currently he is co-founder and CEO at Axum Graphics, developing 3D content creation tools for VR filmmakers.

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