Meet up

Hardware talks + Show & tell: Blubel, Arduino for LARP, BuffaloGrid

Monday, 27th June in London

This meetup was organised by London Arduino in June 2016


Internet of Things for bikes

Sasha Afanasieva

Sasha is the founder of Blubel - connected technology that makes urban cycling easy and stress-free. She picked up coding and basic electronics design to develop the first prototypes and test with various cyclists herself to ensure the product design is truly addressing the problems cyclists face, rather than just creating another gadget.

Building a mini solar power hub

Damon Millar

Damon is the CTO of Buffalogrid. He spent 15 years doing industrial design on formula 1 cars, space satellites and semi-conductors, despite being employed as an electronic engineer. He finally trained as an industrial designer, then co-started three new companies with nothing in common. He now spends his increasingly ragged time between those three rapidly growing 'children'.

Arduino for Live Action Role-playing games

Nick Reynolds

An inveterate tinkerer, Nick has worn several hobbyist hats over the years. Guitar tech, Motorcycle pit mechanic and now LARP prop maker. The things he builds are part of an exercise in world-building, there to support the story, costume, and players involved.

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