Meet up

Progressive.NET Special!

Tuesday, 21st June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in June 2016


N All The Things

NCrunch runs your unit tests in real time, as you type, giving you immediate feedback. Red/green/refactor has never been easier.

NDepend is the "Swiss Army Knife" for .NET developers, providing a wide range of features to analyse, visualise and understand your code base.

NGrok lets you create secure tunnels from the internet to your workstation, giving you a whole new way to test and debug APIs, web hooks and network services.

Want to get involved?

Dylan Beattie

Dylan Beattie designs software, builds websites and makes music. He lives in London.

Build and Deployments

Scott Cowan

Scott Cowan is the Lead Developer at on the Datamining and Search teams and a London based consultant.

Extracting useful information from your code repository

Vicenç Garcia-Altes

In his free time after chasing his son in London's commons, Vicenç likes to help teams to improve the way they work.

Going Interactive with Visual Studio 2015

Adam Kosiński

Adam is a software developer at PayPoint, journeyman on objective, functional, mobile and any other code worth writing. Keenly interested in principles behind programming and curious why people do what they do and write code they write.

Profiling .NET Apps with ANTS Profiler

Bart Read

Bart Read is a consultant, entrepeneur, tech writer and friend of Redgate based in Cambridge.

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