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Go London User Group Meetup #20

Wednesday, 15th June in London

This meetup was organised by GO London User Group in June 2016


Are you interested in Micro - microservices toolkit in Go ? Join this meetup to learn more!

Micro - the microservice framework

Micro is a microservice toolkit in Go, created to simplify building and managing distributed systems with a development first perspective. Where most tools focus on how to run microservices, Micro focuses on how to write them. The talk will outline the features of Micro and why it's relevant right now

Asim Aslam

Asim is the founder of Micro, a microservice ecosystem. He was previously at Hailo where he helped build a global microservice platform and before then an SRE at Google. Asim's interests and experiences lie in large scale distributed systems.

Go behind the scenes

Elliott Stoneham

Elliott is a Geek, sinophile, and avid reader of "The Economist" - Suffolk, UK - He first discovered programming in 1974 and has been inhaling deeply ever since. He exhibited at the first Internet World Show in London and wrote the website that sold the first insurance.

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