Meet up

LSCC Talks - June 2016

Wednesday, 15th June in London

This meetup was organised by London Software Craftsmanship Community in June 2016


In this meetup we have have two talks on Product vs Craft by Juan Delgado and Refactoring Developer Habits by Pedro Santos and Mani Sarkar!

Product vs Craft

This is a talk about how shifting the focus from craft to product has affected ustwo. Their delivery teams are required everyday to make trade offs between what would the "best" technical solution and what's right for the product they are delivering. Ultimately, they get paid to solve business and user problems, not to be perfectionists. Should the vision of a product affect your development practices? Could you be delivering perfectly valid, beautiful code that solves the wrong problem? Is there such thing as "good practices"? At ustwo they work with all sorts of clients, from startups to multinationals, giving them an amazing opportunity to see these issues from very different angles. They would like to share their experience and hear yours!

Juan Delgado

I am a developer. I make computers do stuff. I also help teams make computers do stuff.

Refactoring Developer Habits: birth of the #TDD #manifesto

We are all creatures of habit and our actions are largely influenced by them. Good habits can drive us closer to success, when writing code or learning a subject or any other activity, they help us remember it and make any process second nature to us. Helping change our habits as developers is a big taking, but we need to start somewhere so we thought helping inculcate good habits whilst doing TDD was a good starting point. We started with an original list of good habits, and refined it a couple of times during SoCraTes UK 2013. And further refined it at a group discussion session at SoCraTes UK 2016.

At this presentation, Pedro and Mani will share the outcome and the artefacts from this session with the rest of the community.

Mani Sarkar

Mani Sarkar is a passionate Java/JVM developer currently living and working in London, UK. He is advocate and evangelist to many projects (mainly F/OSS). He is also a strong supporter of software craftsmanship principles like BDD and TDD, and is a practitioner of techniques such as pair-programming and code reviews. Enjoys refactoring, writing tests and helping others revive their legacy code-base, using various tools and home-grown methods. He is an active member of a number of developer communities, and shares his passion for open source technologies by blogging and presenting at conferences and hands-on workshops in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Pedro Santos

Pedro is a software craftsman with over twenty years experience. Passionate about the web, distributed systems and mobile technology. Advocate of agile practices and the software craftsmanship movement. Has been key in bringing Software Craftsmanship practices into several organizations. Member of developer groups such as: London Software Craftsmanship Community, NSCoders and Agile Barcelona. Frequent speaker on subjects such as: Software Craftsmanship, web and mobile solutions.

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