Monday, 11th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup is run by AngularZone Community. Starts at 6:30 PM.

On this first meetup we will begin by presenting AngularZone community and our plans for the future! We will have talks on An introduction to Service Workers by Phil Nash and Using D3 with Angular 2 by Ændrew Rininsland.

An introduction to Service Workers

Service Workers are the biggest thing to hit the browser since XMLHttpRequest. We'll take a look at what the Service Worker can do for your app and more importantly, your users. We'll see the surprisingly small amount of code you need to get started with a Service Worker and finally we'll take a look at Progressive Web Apps and how the Service Worker will take part in a revolution for web applications.

Phil Nash

Phil is a developer evangelist for Twilio serving developer communities in London and all over the world. He is a Ruby and JavaScript developer, blogger, speaker and occasionally a brewer. He can be found hanging out at meetups and conferences, playing with new technologies and APIs or writing open source code.

Using D3 with Angular 2 by Ændrew Rininsland

To date Ændrew's worked for some top publishing houses including The Economist and The Times, he's also published his own book on D3. He'll be talking on using D3 with Angular2 andTypeScript, patterns that lend themselves to using D3 with Angular2, and how TypeScript can help with producing more reliable data visualizations.

As with previous events, we will be raffling some prizes:
Aendrew Rinininsland

Aendrew is a developer at Times Development.

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