Meet up

Working together and Total Rewrite

Monday, 12th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup is run by LRUG: London Ruby User Group. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Are you interested in pair programming ? Are you planning on replacing your entire codebase ? Join this meetup for talks by David Salgado and Josh Hill to learn more!

Working together

Josh heard about pair programming a few years ago and tried it a few of times. Last year, he jumped in and started pairing full-time. Working so closely with clients, colleagues, juniors and seniors was challenging. Now he enjoys pairing more than flying solo and has seen the benefits for himself and his teammates. This talk is about the challenges and benefits of working more closely with one another.

Josh Hill

Josh is building clouds at Pivotal. He enjoys crafting code, encouraging others to learn and being sincerely silly.

Not working together

How does a small team​ spread across London & Omaha​ set up a ​global ​production infrastructure​ while not working together​?

Gerhard Lazu

Gerhard always enjoys a good challenge, and the learnings that go with it. He is fascinated by infrastructure problems, especially those that get in the way of delivering value to end-users. He keeps things simple and to the point.

Total Rewrite

In this talk David will talk about patterns and anti-patterns for when you're replacing your entire codebase, and reasons why doing that is (usually) a very bad idea.

David Salgado

David has been a developer, technical architect, CTO and startup co-founder for lots of years. Currently he is working at the Ministry of Justice as a Technical Architect.

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