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First steps into the Internet of Things and Connecting with the Bikes of London

Thursday, 25th August in London

This meetup was organised by IBM Developer LDN in August 2016


In this meetup we have two talks on First steps into the Internet of Things by Dr Philip Derbyshire and Connecting with the Bikes of London by Eric Hannell.

First steps into the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has recently exploded in popularity despite much of the underlying technology already being well established. In this talk we will briefly describe the key facets of an IoT solution and their relevance to the data science community. Appetite for tinkering whetted, we will then give a practical demonstration of the open source NodeRed rapid prototyping tool and IBM's Watson IoT connectivity platform - everything you need to get started with your own IoT project.

Dr Philip Derbyshire

Dr Philip Derbyshire is an IoT solutions architect at IBM. Here he works on designing and developing Internet of Things solutions for a wide range of clients across Europe. He has a diverse scientific and engineering background and a great passion for the technology that impacts our daily lives.

Connecting with the Bikes of London

Continuing with the IoT theme, this talk is about the bikes of London and getting data from the internet-connected bike stations around the city. Eric Hannell is running a project that streams data from all the bikes stations in the city (roughly 700 updates/min). Eric will talk about how it was set up, what we can learn from it and give some examples of interesting findings in the data. The talk touches on python, tableau, docker, bigquery and some spark.

Eric Hannell

Eric Hannell is a Consultant at Tableau helping people see and understand their data in greater depth. In his free time he runs the @dataplusvisual meetup in London. He is is also a python enthusiast and the creator of @itissunnyin (which he is much too proud of).

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