Meet up

Security Basics and Uncovering the power of the graph

Tuesday, 19th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in July 2016


Security basics – key lessons from OWASP and your favourite infosec breaches

Robin Minto

Robin is a developer/technical architect working for ByBox, a supply chain technology company in the UK. He’s passionate about development, continuous improvement and all things security (he's a Certified Ethical Hacker). With one foot in Dev and another in Ops, he’s as happy in C# as in PowerShell, in Visual Studio or Hyper-V, in Javascript or Docker.

Uncovering the power of the graph

  • What is a graph?

  • An overview of graph databases (and why they are awesome)

  • Some demonstrations showing the power of graph databases to help solve complex problems easily.

James Rowlands

James is a developer at Vista Entertainment Solutions working on software for the cinema industry. Previously he has worked for an advertising agency and in the cardboard box industry (more interesting that it sounds!). With an interest in all things tech, he has used everything from BASIC to the latest .Net Framework, and loves nothing more than learning something new.

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