Meet up

A shallow dive into Deep Learning

Monday, 8th May in London

This meetup was organised by IBM Developer LDN in May 2017


Deep Learning Introduction with Tensorflow

Willem Hendriks

Willem Hendriks studied Mathematics at TU Delft (the Netherlands). He is currently undertaking various Big Data related projects at IBM, as a data scientist.

Using Deep Learning to Design the Molecules of Tomorrow

Edward Pyzer-Knapp

Edward Pyzer-Knapp obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge using simulation-based techniques to help guide experimental materials design. He then moved to Harvard where he was in charge of the day-to-day running of the Harvard Clean Energy project, which was a collaboration with IBM which combined massive distributed computing, quantum-mechanical simulations, and machine-learning to accelerate discovery of the next generation of organic photovoltaic materials. Now, Edward works for IBM Research UK, leading the large-scale machine learning research effort with a specific interest in bringing cutting edge techniques from machine learning and data science to the physical and life sciences.

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