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DIY Data Analytics with Apache Spark

Thursday, 22nd June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by IBM Developer LDN in June 2017


DIY Data Analytics with Apache Spark

Where do you start when analysing data? Want to know how you can use your Java and Scala skills to analyse data fully? Join this month's Big Data Developers with Adam Roberts! Don't miss it!

You’ve heard about data analytics. You’ve even got a little data. but how do you get started with analysing your data and what exactly could you look for? In this talk Adam Roberts will explain how you can easily use your Java or Scala skills to analyse data and get real (and sometimes unexpected) insights. We’ll show you how you do not always need large amounts of money, time or computing resource to get meaningful results . With code and demonstrations we will walk you through the steps needed to deploy and use a complete solution that will run on your laptop. Your first steps on the data analytics path starts here. Who knows what you’ll discover.

Adam Roberts

Adam spends his time deep in IBM Java/Apache Spark's codebase and regularly helps customers to use Spark for the first time. He works on Spark quality assurance, optimising Spark performance, fixing bugs in Spark or related projects such as Zeppelin/Hadoop, and has a keen interest in using GPU hardware accelerators to maximise throughput. He's responsible for delivering IBM's Development Package for Apache Spark and wants to help people get started with Spark, share working code, and learn from other's experiences. Adam also teaches machine learning techniques to IBMers and the basics to children, and has an additional interest in analysing data for ourselves gathered from IoT devices.

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