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Event Driven Architecture

Wednesday, 17th August in London

This meetup was organised by Symfony UK in August 2016


Have you ever wondered what ReactPHP meant by "non blocking I/O"? Or why would being "event-driven" allow nginx to be more efficient than Apache? Join this talk by Loïc Faugeron to learn more!

Event Driven Architecture

Have you ever wondered what ReactPHP meant by "non blocking I/O"? Or why would being "event-driven" allow nginx to be more efficient than Apache? If you find it easier to understand abstract concepts like these by implementing them, then you're in luck because in this talk we'll create a simple HTTP server, then develop an event loop and finally create a simple Promise class. Once we're done, we'll have all the tools at our disposal to make our Symfony applications as performant as NodeJs ones!

Loic Faugeron

Loïc Faugeron is a lead developer at Constant Commerce, where he develops APIs using Symfony3, PHP7 and phpspec. These days he's rambling about TDD, CQRS / ES and MonoRepos on his blog

Exception-Driven Development

Exceptions are simple yet powerful. We can stop dead some rogue code in its tracks before it wreaks havoc. Yet they are never quite utilised to their full potential.In this talk we will quickly go through all the exception types found in PHP, what they represent, and how you should use them, with examples. It will also cover how best to create a strategy of identifying the causes of exceptions in your application to quickly debug and minimise repeat offences.

Adam Elsodaney

Adam Elsodaney is Senior Developer at Reiss with 5 years experience on many Symfony projects and countless hours debugging exceptions inflicted upon himself and others.

To realize, analyse

How Web analytics techniques can help us in our daily base development work? We're going to have a quick look over the basics of Web Analytics, how we can implement some tools used to do analysis and how we can apply the same concepts over our systems to extract information and take decisions.

Marga Ferrez

As a software engineer, Marga is specialised in solving problems. Her career objective is to improve the communication between the users, the Company, the managers, and the workers. This is why she loves software and all the tools around: agile methodologies, analysis, testing, monitoring ... Marga is always trying to learn and improve herself and finding how to work more productively, that helps her to notice the weak points on the path to help others way.

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