Meet up

The Three Real Problems in Software Development

Monday, 10th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Domain Driven Design London in October 2016


Domain Driven Design Meetup

Fortunately, many problems you'll encounter in your career in software boil down to just a handful of core concepts from which many solid strategies can be derived. This talk will cover three of these that Pete considers most important, things he wished he had known years ago. You'll learn ways to help guide your team on their journey to building better software, and more importantly identify when your way may not be best after all (!)

Pete Smith

Pete Smith is a software consultant and speaker based in London with almost 10 years of experience making web applications with, specialising in API design and JavaScript browser-based applications. He is the author of Superscribe - an open source routing framework - and HTTP query library Linq to Querystring among others. Just recently he's embarked on a journey learning JVM and Scala.

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