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Thursday, 25th November at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Hacker News London Meetup Group in November 2010


VouChaCha demo

Ben Brown

Ben Brown is CEO at VouChaCha.

Zoombu demo

Alistair Hann

Alistair Hann is an engineer and entrepreneur. Co-founder of travel search engine Zoombu.

Micro-consultancy is the new black

Josh Liu

Josh Liu is the founder of MinuteBox , a marketplace for you to find specialist advisors, you buy and can also sell your own advice via video chat.

Startup financing for normal people

Philipp Moehring

As an associate at Seedcamp, Philipp is responsible for portfolio management and support, organisation of Seedcamp events, and management of the application and selection process.

Introducing Narrative, a framework for behaviour-driven tests in fluent Java

Douglas Squirrel

Douglas Squirrel has been coding for 40 years and has led software teams for 18 of them. A London-based executive coach and consulting CTO, Douglas makes use of his extensive experience growing teams to advise startup founders and senior managers at companies such as Nested,, DueDil, Trussle, and MarketInvoice. His previous roles include founding CTO at TIM Group and vice president of engineering at ecommerce startup Secretsales.

F# - Why It Rocks

Lorenzo Stoakes

Professional C# code grunt who's been coding and generally abusing computers since 9 years of age

User Experience. Nothing else matters

Ben Summers

Ben is the technical director of OneIS, a platform for building applications to solve information problems. He started off in web development as the web was beginning to take hold, and has been getting the most out of the web for clients ever since.

How to get on TechCrunch, LifeHacker, Slashdot, etc.

Daniel Tenner

Online Entrepreneur, CTO & Cofounder of , Rails Hacker, Blogger, and a few other things.

Using arithmetic to create juggling patterns

Colin Wright

PhD in mathematics, now perhaps best known for the presentation Juggling: Theory and Practice.

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