Meet up

Forecasting with Power BI

Monday, 14th November at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Power BI Meetup Group in November 2016


Power BI Update

David Moss

David is a freelance Azure Advanced Analytics & Power BI Solutions Consultant. He helps organisations get quicker access & better understanding of their data using Azure tools & Power BI.

Forecasting with Power BI

Sacha Tomey

Sacha Tomey is Technical Director and co-founder of Adatis, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics. He has an extensive background in technology, data in particular having delivered strategic solutions into a variety of industries across a broad selection of organisations.

Hacking PowerBI - Tips & Tricks for Working with PBI Models

What if you want to know how big the model is? Or if you want to re-use DAX calculations somewhere else? Maybe you're fed up of your users having all the control and you want to turn it into an SSAS tabular model?

What if you want to pull out a list of all the dimensional attributes so you can provide a data dictionary, or even to put the data into Azure Data Catalog?

Well you can do all this, by hook or crook, and Simon will show you how.

Simon Whitely

Simon Whitely is Principal BI Consultant with Adatis. Simon has been working with the Microsoft BI Stack for a decade, starting off building traditional warehouses with SSIS and SSAS but bringing in alternative technologies where needed. Simon is a strong advocate of the use of modern development practices in the SQL World.

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