Meet up

How to build a web app from scratch, with Python and JavaScript.

Tuesday, 11th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Full Stack Quants in October 2016


Full Stack Quants

Last time we wrapped up with an app that uses server-side rendering of data from a SQL database (using the Python Flask framework).

This time we will add a REST API which delivers that data directly to the frontend, and use this to modernize our app with client-side rendering.

You do not need substantial knowledge of Python or JavaScript, the technical level will be kept as simple as possible so you can wing it. The aim is to demonstrate how all the pieces of web architecture fit together.

For people that missed the first presentation on the 27th Sep (we were fully booked and in fact are allocated an even bigger space this time), we will go through the key points of that one again.

All the coding will be published live to GitHub, so you can follow on your own laptop if you wish, or revisit afterwards.

Notes for both sessions can be found here. The code for the first session is on GitHub.

Doors open at 19:15, to start at 19:30 and end at 21:00.

We will have a 15 min break in the middle of the session to grab a drink at Code Node's fully licenced SpaceBar and socialize/network.

Robert Hardy

Robert Hardy is a full stack quant, with over 12 years of experience in the front office teams of major financial institutions. He has built professional portfolio management systems entirely from open source components. He experienced an epiphany when he was introduced to TDD, pair programming and Agile methods. Robert talks and blogs on topics related to software and mathematics, and with his diploma in painting and ceramics in hand he claims to even have some level of expertise in the Fine Arts.

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