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Development Re-bundling in Dockerland and A month of I18n in 10 minutes

Monday, 10th October in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in October 2016


Are you interested in Docker for Ruby projects, ruby gems and coding tips? Join this LRUG meetup for some great talks on these topics.

A month of I18n in 10 minutes

Translating websites has been A Thing(tm) since the earliest days of the web, so how does it take over a month to translate a website with less than a dozen pages? In this talk Chris walks us through the minefield of internationalisation and some of the common pitfalls of translating a website.

Chris Radford

Chris works as a software engineer for Lost My Name, a high-tech children's book publisher, where he spends his days building payments infrastructure.

Development Re-bundling in Dockerland

For almost a year Charlie enjoyed using Docker and docker-compose to work on various Ruby projects. However - bundle installations when building images have been always been painful. This talk is about exploring the rather unsatisfactory options available to speed up the process of "development re-bundling".

Charlie Egan

Newbie Londoner and junior Ruby developer at I also like running.

Joining the mob: Top 12 mob programming tips and thoughts

What happens when you get 5 developers to work on the same problem on the same computer at the same time? Emma's team at GDS took collaboration to the next level by trying out mob programming. Find out what they learned from their mobbing experience, and take away a few tips to try it in your team.

Emma Beynon

Emma is a junior developer at the Government Digital Service, helping make government better for users. A former marketer, she caught the coding bug while working at a property start up. She quit that job in late 2015 to undertake a 4-month intensive coding bootcamp and make a complete career change into software development. Emma now works on GOV.UK, the place to find government services and information.

An open-source contribution story

A short story about a contribution I made to rubygems that took a couple of years. And how that's totally ok.

Murray Steele

Murray Steele is a core rails contributor, regularly speaks at Ruby on Rails related conferences and events and is also the organiser of most of the London Ruby User Group sessions that take place each month at Skills Matter.

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