Meet up

Storyboards Revisited & Learning to Love the Messages Framework

Tuesday, 25th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Swift London in October 2016


Lightening Talk- Morality in Software development.

Paul Ardeleanu

Paul is a software engineer, trainer and speaker specialised in data-driven solutions on Apple platforms with an emphasis on prototyping, best practices and balance with agility. He started programming back in the days of Fortran, graduated with a PhD in Computational Physics from UCLan and currently hailing from London, UK.

Lightening Talk- Safer Programming with Types

Abizer Nasir

Abizer Nasir is a freelance iOS / OS X developer who has been working full-time in Swift for over a year. He has spoken on a variety of subjects related to Objective-C and Swift development at iOSCon, NSLondon, Swift London, Swift Summit and AltConf.

He organises NSCoder Night London.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Messages Framework.

Sam Piggott

Filmmaker, then web developer, then iOS, now founder.

Storyboards Revisited

The reality, though, is that view controller code typically ends up deeply entwined in the telling of our storyboard's own story, leading to inflexible and often duplicated code to support an approach which may leave many experienced developers wondering, "Is this worth it?".

In this session we revisit Storyboards, exploring a powerful approach to maintaining the separation of storyboard and view controller that fulfils the promise of flexibility and less code. We'll learn how Storyboards can become a more compelling tool, one that can be at the very heart of the clean architecture of your app

Paul Stringer

Paul is an iOS expert combining skills in mobile product design with extensive software engineering experience. An influencer and leader having worked with development teams, key stakeholders and corporate clients incl. Apple and Sky.

After years masquerading as a professional developer, Paul discovered 'Clean Code' and began a journey to a new understanding of what being a software professional meant. That journey continues through working with best practices such as TDD, Acceptance Testing and Pair Programming "as standard" in the pursuit of building the best possible software; Paul believes in the principle of getting software right early, and then keeping it working as intended.

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