Meet up

API Contracts using Open API and Write faster code with - from beginner to boss

Wednesday, 19th October in London

This meetup was organised by Symfony UK in October 2016


In this meetup we have two talks on API Contracts using Open API from Billie Thompson and Write faster code with - from beginner to boss by Neal from MediaMath.

API Contracts using Open API

During this talk Thompson will introduce you to the concepts of publishing an API contract using the Open API standard (formerly called Swagger). She'll cover your options for defining your API contract, the pros and cons of each, and how to verify you're following that standard in actuality. This talk's example will be based around Symfony, and the tools involved make heavy use of the Symfony Serializer, however non-Symfony users will find it useful too.

Billie Thompson

Billie Thompson has been working with Cloud Native practices for the past 5 years across public and private sector organisations, bringing experience of using these techniques at multiple organisations.

Write faster code with - from beginner to boss

We’ve all seen the statistics that 127% of users won’t wait more than 0.04 seconds for a page to load, and poor web application performance costs you millions of bitcoins in lost revenue, yet knowing where to get started optimising your applications can be difficult. Some of us spend more cash than we should on high performance servers, because there’s that one crucial task running every hour which apparently requires a billion terabytes of memory and a warehouse full of quantum processors, but nobody has yet worked out why. Profile graphs and flame charts can be hard to understand if you’re not familiar with them, and tracing application performance can be daunting. You might not know how easy it can be to make vast improvements on your PHP performance just by gaining a little insight into what’s happening ‘under-the-hood’. In this presentation you’ll see how to hit the ground running with - from installation, to getting familiar with the profile graph, and finally finishing up with making improvements on an example application (includes pictures of kittens), with which you can go back and practice at home. Once you’ve given it a try on your own code you’ll be clamouring for more.

Neal Brooks

Neal Brooks writes code for MyBuilder. As a result of an inability to say ‘no’, he is constantly over-subscribed with work, projects, courses, and hobbies.

Lightning Talk: Phpspec extension taking code generation to the next level

PhpSpec is a test framework that empowers those who use TDD. It can bootstrap a test for you, then once you’ve written the test it will bootstrap the related code for you. But we can go further. In this lightning talk, I’ll present to you spec-gen, a phpspec extension that takes code generation to the next level.

Loic Faugeron

Loïc Faugeron is a lead developer at Constant Commerce, where he develops APIs using Symfony3, PHP7 and phpspec. These days he's rambling about TDD, CQRS / ES and MonoRepos on his blog

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