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London.NET March Meetup

Tuesday, 14th March in London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in March 2017


Join this meetup with Matt Ellis and James Singleton talking on Rider: Taking Resharper out of process and ASP.NET Core and Moving Targets!

Rider: Taking Resharper out of process

Rider is a new cross platform IDE from JetBrains, integrating the language analysis features of ReSharper inside the IDE functionality of IntelliJ. Wait, what? ReSharper is a plugin to Visual Studio, running in .NET, and IntelliJ is a JVM application! Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria!

So how does this work? Rider runs ReSharper out of process, as a headless language server. All of the .NET language features - inspections, navigations, refactorings and more - happen in the ReSharper process, with the results being displayed in the IntelliJ based user interface, running on the JVM.

How would you tackle this? JSON and REST? Protobuf and named pipes? Or something a little more made-to-measure? In this session, we won’t be looking at Rider’s (impressive, comprehensive, some would say attractive) feature set. Instead, let’s geek out and see how and why we built our own custom, asynchronous, declarative, reactive, inter-process, cross runtime communications protocol.

Matt Ellis

Matt Ellis is a technical evangelist at JetBrains.

On ASP.NET Core and Moving Targets

ASP.NET Core is the new open source and cross-platform web application (MVC and web API) framework from Microsoft. You can now develop and deploy your web apps on Mac and Linux. However, it is evolving rapidly and it can be hard to to find stability. There are many ways to deal with these changes and there are some releases with long term support guarantees. It also helps to understand Microsoft's strategy and how .NET Core ties in with Xamarin, the new Visual Studio tooling and .NET Standard.

James Singleton

James is a software developer, writer, engineer and entrepreneur. His formal training is in electrical and electronic engineering but he's worked professionally in software development for almost a decade.

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