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London Python Meetup

Wednesday, 14th December in London

This meetup was organised by The London Python Group in December 2016


London Python Meetup

We're lucky to have Andrea Crotti take us on a fun ... and likely Christmas themed (!) ... journey into the fascinating world of functional programming, from it's origins to today.

After an introduction and a (gentle) bit of theory we'll discover how to do functional programming with Python, and appreciate the advantages of doing that, including coding better Python.

Andrea Crotti

With a wealth of experience using python in hardware and the aerospace industry Andrea Crotti is currently working as a Python/Django developer in London. Andrea started using Python 7 years ago and is still finds himself amazed with how much he can get done with so little elegant code. He has attended multiple Python conferences in the last few years and enjoys giving talks about various topics, from decorators to TDD.

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