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React London February Meetup

Tuesday, 21st February in London

This meetup was organised by React London in February 2017


Come along and join in with React London!

Redux-cycles: compose async actions in Redux using F&RP

Why this project when there are already so many options to deal with async actions in Redux? Nick Balestra gives us some insight at this month's React London meetup!

By thinking of Redux actions as a data-flow we can understand why Observables can be used with React and Redux to manage asynchronous effects. In this talk I’ll shares how functional reactive programming can be used with Redux to manage asynchronous effects by introducing a new middleware that intercepts Redux actions and allows us to handle them using Cycle.js in a pure declarative and reactive way.

Nick Balestra

Software Engineer OpenTable. Co-author of create-cycle-app and redux-cycles. Cycle.JS London & Functional JavaScript London co-organizer. Life is like an npm install.

Turning text into video with DraftJS

Rob Squires and Alex Norton will be telling us their experiences at BBC News Labs where they've made media editing tools to allow journalists to create audio and video as easily as a text. Don't miss this month's React London!

At BBC News Labs we’ve built a suite of media editing tools that allow journalists to create audio and video content from a UI as familiar as a text editor. One library has been key to us delivering this ambition, DraftJS. We’d like to share the highlights (+ challenges) of using powerful library.

Alex Norton

Alex is a software developer at BBC News Labs, the digital innovation arm of BBC News. He lives in London, grew up in Oxford and studied Computer Science Innovation at Lancaster University. Amongst other things, Alex likes music, technology, beer, running, cycling, hillwalking, maps and cats.

Rob Squires

Software Developer based in London. I craft APIs and websites using PHP and Nodejs & I'm a big fan of behaviour-driven development.

Introducing the new react-native upgrade

Upgrading can be a pain. But luckily Nicolas Cuillery will be at this month's React London to show us how to make it easier with Git and merge tools!

Upgrading React Native has always been a pain. The process is very basic, so are the options in case of conflict: leaving the file untouched or overriding it entirely... What if we could use Git to handle changes from a version to another? Automatic-merge, 3-way merge and merge tools could really boost the developer experience!

Nicolas Cuillery

Enthusiastic frontend developer & trainer Zenika, React Native contributor, rn-diff & angular-breadcrumb creator

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