Meet up

Japanese and Ruby and Processing Tweets at the BBC

Monday, 13th December at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by LRUG: London Ruby User Group. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Japanese and Ruby

Makoto's talk is based on an article called "Japanese and OO" which was written by a Japanese guy who wrote Windows 95 and his thought around what helped him to build the software as a Japanese.

Makoto Inoue

Makoto Inoue is a web developer working in London. Makoto discovered Ethereum back in March and started a charity study group so that he can learn Ethereum coding with other like minded people (while raising money for Whizz-Kids https://simplybusiness.everydayhero.com/uk/makoto ) . He built Blockparty Dapp to solve his own problem of unpredictable free meetup attendancy rate. The more info is at http://makoto.github.io/me.

Who's coming?

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