Thursday, 19th January in London

This meetup was organised by Linuxing In London in January 2017


An introduction to Docker and why it's the future of Cloud computing

Docker is the new way to package, distribute and run your application or microservice. It's the bees-knees. It's the best thing since sliced bread. It's the kings pajamas etc, etc. In this talk I'll explain what Docker actually is and how it works. I'll show you how much of the hype is real and give a practical demo or two to illustrate the power of Docker. Is Docker the panacea for all ills? For many people Docker is seen as the answer to critical challenges for modern Cloud applications and delivery processes. This talk will help you make up your mind as to how real that promise is.

Steve Poole

STEVE POOLE is a DevOps practitioner (leading a large team of engineers on cutting edge DevOps exploitation ) and a long time IBM Java developer, leader and evangelist. He’s been working on IBM Java SDKs and JVMs since Java was less than 1. He's also had time to work on other things including representing IBM on various JSRs, being a committer on various open source projects including ones at Apache, Eclipse and OpenJDK. He’s also member of the Adopt OpenJDK group championing community involvement in OpenJDK. Steve is a seasoned speaker and regular presenter at JavaOne and other conferences on technical and software engineering topics.

Go-Lang on Linux

Simon Ritchie

Simon Ritchie is a software engineer who has been using UNIX and Linux for more years than he cares to admit. For the last ten years he has been a back-end Java developer and more recently has started to use Go.

The New Year with Linuxing In London

18:00 Doors open.

18:15 Welcome by Brian Byrne. MC for the evening is David Ross.

18:20 Golang on Linux, all you need to know in 25 minutes, with a talk on the main features of Go and a demo of it running on the Pine64 by Simon Ritchie.

18:55 Q&A.

19:00 Short break.

19:05 An introduction to Docker and why it's the future of Cloud computing by Steve Poole, IBM.

Brian Byrne

Brian Byrne is a veteran of the IT industry, with over 30 years of experience managing, cajoling and installing Mainframes and operating systems. He is a passionate advocate for free and open source software and began using Linux in the 1990s.

David Ross

David is a specialist in the design and implementation of n-tiered enterprise applications. He has designed a number of systems using both the...

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