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London NixOs January Meetup

Tuesday, 24th January in London

This meetup was organised by London NixOs User Group in January 2017


London NixOs January Meetup

After two months of silence we are getting back on track! This time we have Rok Garbas joining us. The meetup will start with a short community announcements section, followed by the talk and a hacking session.

We will cover reasons why Nix is a fit for things we do (or plan to do in the future) at Mozilla. We'll cover topics such as:

  • building reproducible docker images with nix

  • doing elm development with nix

  • pypi2nix and creating python environments with nix

  • auto-updating sources (recently landed in nixpkgs)

Rok Garbas

Rok Garbas is Release Engineer at Mozilla. He is a Nix/NixOS user since 2011 and has helped introduce Nix to few companies. He's on twitter on @garbas.

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