Meet up

Swift London Christmas Special with NSLondon!

Tuesday, 13th December at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Swift London in December 2016


The Year in Swift

Chris Eidhof

Chris builds iOS and Mac applications, and helped create Deskset, Scenery & UIKonf. He also recently wrote a book on Functional Programming in Swift

Understanding Why Strings are Evil

Strings are usually the first or second data type we learn to work with as programmers. Despite appearing deceptively simple, misunderstanding and misuse of strings abound in the code we write every day. From performance problems to unicode correctness issues to complex APIs and the challenges of displaying strings on screen (and storing them on disk), we’ll look at ways to wrangle our favorite data type. Swift forced many of us to question how strings really worked for the first time, so we’ll use Swift’s String interface to understand what makes strings so slow and difficult, and explore some ways to make working with them fast and easy.

Samuel Giddins

Right now, Samuel is a second-year student in The College at the University of Chicago, where he's double-majoring in Mathematics and Economics. In his spare time, he works on the core teams of CocoaPods, bundler, jazzy, and RestKit. Though he's now living on the windy shores of Lake Michigan, he's a New Yorker at heart, having done a detour through San Fransisco.

Lightning Talks- Christmas Rants Edition

Abizer Nasir

Abizer Nasir is a freelance iOS / OS X developer who has been working full-time in Swift for over a year. He has spoken on a variety of subjects related to Objective-C and Swift development at iOSCon, NSLondon, Swift London, Swift Summit and AltConf.

He organises NSCoder Night London.

Catja Pafort

By night, Catja is an experienced Filemaker developer who has been using Swift since June 2014; working mainly on a WorldBuilder-inspired game engine for macOS.

James Porter

Software developer and data scientist.

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