Meet up

Test Driven iOS development with Paul Ardeleanu

Thursday, 9th March in London

This meetup was organised by iOSCon Bytes in March 2017


Test Driven iOS development with Paul Ardeleanu

Ark you interested in TDD? Join Paul to to learn how to get started with TDD in Swift, best practices and use of the tools at hand.

Whilst not a panacea for your iOS development troubles, TDD can prove to be something of a silver bullet and help mitigate long QA times. In this talk you'll be starting with exploring prototyping & tests in Playgrounds before migrating to an iOS project and unit test everything, including the UI elements.

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Paul Ardeleanu

Paul is a software engineer, trainer and speaker specialised in data-driven solutions on Apple platforms with an emphasis on prototyping, best practices and balance with agility. He started programming back in the days of Fortran, graduated with a PhD in Computational Physics from UCLan and currently hailing from London, UK.

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