Meet up

Processing Tweets at the BBC & Building a financial app in ruby and rails

Monday, 10th January at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in January 2011


Sean O'Halpin will be telling us about some work at the BBC involving twitter. Matthew Rudy Jacobs will be giving a talk on "Building a financial app in ruby and rails, and all the gems I made along the way".

Processing Tweets at the BBC

Sean O'Halpin will talk about how his team at the BBC is using Ruby to process tweets in real-time to discover inbound links to the BBC Zeitgeist and how they're reading the Twitter Firehose (about 1,000 tweets/sec = about 90 million a day) and storing the data in Amazon S3.

Sean O'Halpin

I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer in Audio and Music Interactive at the BBC in London, UK specialising in Ruby and message queues.

Building a financial app in ruby and rails

Matthew has been living it up in Hong Kong for the past year and will be making a brief stop at our humble meeting to explain some of the work he's been doing there in building a financial application.

Matthew Rudy Jacobs

Matthew has been coding since 2006 in London, Cambridge and Hong Kong. He founded the Hong Kong developer community Codeaholics, and organised Hong Kong Code Conf from 2014 to 2016.

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