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Kanban Vs the Mafia

Monday, 28th February at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in February 2011


Kanban Vs the Mafia

Does your work require you to do lots of things you are really not sure are important, or you know are important only because your manager complains when the are not done?

Are you unable to get good practices introduced to your team or buying from management because you don't know how to "sell it" to them?

It can be challenging to understand the value in some of your activities, especially when you have a large workload to get through. It can also be difficult to get your ideas for improvement across to team members or management, especially when you only have ideas on how to make improvements.

Using Kanban as a technique to expose the details of your working practises, whether that be an adhoc routine or a formal process, can give you valuable data to start discussions as to the real underlying problems that prevent you getting things "done on time"

During this talk we will discuss the technique of Kanban in order to help drive changes in your team that will provide real value in the context of the worst possible company I can think of to work for: Mutually Assured Financial Investment Association. You should leave with lots of ideas on how to start evolving your practices to be able to deliver better solutions in a more manageable way.

John Stevenson

John is a speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer. Loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development.

He is a conference organiser for Clojure Exchange, London Java Conference, etc) with 20 years of speaking experience.

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